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Fic: The Marriage Plot

A little bout of insanity, inspired by watching Pride and Prejudice and dealing with the "soup opera" that is my current love life.

Title: The Marriage Plot
Rating: G
Fandom: Original. Unless "Regency" counts as a fandom.

Summary: Eliza's engagement is not going exactly as she'd hoped.

With apologies to Jane AustenCollapse )

Fic: Through the Years

Title: Through the Years
Rating: PG
Characters: Lily/James, MWPP era.
Spoilers: Read up to OOTP? Yeah, you're good.

Summary: Despite all her efforts to the contrary, Lily Evans never seemed to be able to avoid encounters with James Potter.

Author's Note: Well, this fic is six months in the making! I'm finishing off my writing folder for 2007, completing anything that was only half done, and I really couldn't abandon this fic. I started it pre-DH, and then thanks to a certain amazing chapter, I got slightly Jossed and lost the drive to finish it. But now I have, and I'm pretty darn happy with it, especially for a first MWPP-era venture! It was originally a birthday present for the ever-lovely to_overload, but... I suppose it's more of a Christmas present now? Either way, thank you for all your help, James, with writing, with fandom and with life.

Through the YearsCollapse )

Fic: Scars

OK, I wrote this last night, while somewhere above the Atlantic ocean, in the dark, trying not to disturb the sleeping stranger next to me. Clearly, the best way to write! I actually started off writing a Doctor Who fic, but then Marian invaded my brain and wouldn't leave until I wrote this instead. Hope it came out OK! (And makes sense, as I never quite know how to walk that fine line between abstract and just plain nonsensical...).

Comments/criticism are greatly appreciated!

Title: Scars
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Guy/Marian, Robin/Marian
Spoilers: 2x11, some ideas from the trailer for 2x12.

Summary: Her relationship with Guy left scars that even Robin could not see.

ScarsCollapse )

Fic: Whispers

Title: Whispers
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Guy/Marian, Robin, The Sheriff
Spoilers: Up to 2x10, Walkabout.
Summary: Sometimes, when Marian lay asleep, the wind whispered secrets. And sometimes, a man was not always what he first appeared to be.

Yay, I finished this in time! I was so worried that I wouldn't get it done before Saturday, and then it would be all uncanon. But tis finished, all... ridiculously large number of words of it! First fic in quite a while, and first time writing anything Robin Hood, so I really hope it came out OK! Any comments/criticisms would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

Thanks, of course, to to_overload for being my ever-patient beta once again. He doesn't realise that this is all a clever ruse to brainwash him into watching the show, and his declaration that "Robin should go away, cos he's ruining the OTP" just proves that it's already beginning to work... *insert evil laugh here* Love you, James!

Anyway, the fic:

WhispersCollapse )

Hermione Granger

A long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away), I did this little fic writing exercise where I wrote 50 sentences about Starbuck, the idea being to torture wordy old me into being more precise. Although I'm not too happy with most of the outcome, looking back, I am very happy with a few of them, and I thought it'd be good fun to do the same thing again and see if I've improved any.

Since this is the post Deathly Hallows era, I chose to write about Hermione Granger. The prompts are from 1sentence. Any comments/criticism/whatever would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

50 sentences about Hermione GrangerCollapse )

Fic: Konstantine

Title: Konstantine
Rating: R, to be safe
Characters: Peter/Claire
Spoilers: None.
Summary: You don't want to be here in the future, so you say, "The present's just a pleasant interruption to the past."

The world is ending, and Peter and Claire are having trouble dealing with the guilt.

Author's Note: As the title probably suggests, this fic was inspired by the Something Corporate song Konstantine. This fic kept popping up in my head every time I heard the song, so I simply had to write it. :) Thanks to liljames for the encouragement, for the beta, and for simply making me addicted to the song in the first place. And on the AU/canon front, in my head Peter and Claire have found out that they're not related, but this fic can be taken either way.

If I hurt you, then I'm sorry. It's just this guilt has got the best of me.Collapse )

Fic: Freedom

Hmm, I was supposed to be posting a fic a week. Guess I kinda got distracted from that by Princeton, since I haven't posted anything I've written since late February. Oops? I guess the bright side to that is that now I've got something I've been working on for a couple of weeks and I'm pretty darn pleased with it. Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated!

Title: Freedom
Series: First in "The Six Sides of Kate and Sawyer"
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Kate/Sawyer
Spoilers: Set during Tabula Rasa, with references to What Kate Did
Summary: Freedom, it seemed, left a bitter taste.

A "What If?" take on Tabula Rasa.

Author's Note: This is completely inspired by liljames, who gave me a challenge to write a 'what if' series in a bid to get me to write smutty stuff. Unfortunately for him, I took his original challenge and turned it around entirely, so that, while it's still 'what if', it became based around all the different emotional qualities of Kate and Sawyer's relationship. Sorry, James! Maybe someday (:P). And thanks also go to James, as always, for being a fabulous beta.

You don't look free to meCollapse )

Friends Only

Comment to be added.

Fic: Rose

OK, so I just wrote my first Doctor Who fic since my 'WTF?' fit at the end of Season Two. And it's a little strange to me, because I felt completely compelled to write a Martha fic, despite the fact that she hasn't actually even appeared yet. But the idea wouldn't go away, so what could I do except write it?

Title: Rose
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Martha, The Doctor, Jack.
Ships: Not central, but Martha/Jack, some Martha/Doctor, and a liberal helping of Doctor/Rose throughout.
Spoilers: All of Doctor Who and Torchwood to date.
Summary: There are moments when Martha feels rather like a third wheel, despite the fact that they travel as two.

Author's Note: Thanks, as always, to James, especially as he isn't even in the Doctor Who fandom and still agreed to beta this for me. Although this has more than tones of Doctor/Rose, it is not in any way a Martha-bashing fic, and it does not bring Rose back. The idea of Martha's reaction to the leftovers of Doctor/Rose was just too intreguing for me to miss.

RoseCollapse )

Fic: Falling

I seem to be quite a prolific Heroes writer right now. :P I'm currently planning a multi-chapter thing, but this little scene came to me while I was plotting that and refused to go away until I wrote it. :)

Title: Falling

Rating: PG

Characters: Peter/Claire

Spoilers: Very vague ones up to The Fix

Summary: 'If she just leant forwards a little more, she would tumble, head first, over and over and down and down.'

Author's note: Need I say it? Thank you to the wonderful James, for betaing, for putting up with my complaining, for poking me to listen to Something Corporate as I listened to Konstantine over and over while writing this (don't ask me why, though, James)... couldn't do it without you, James!

Claire feels like she's fallingCollapse )